Monday, May 11, 2009

Morning Mail - 5.11.09

Reggie: I got chased by a motherfuckin' Mexican and a big white bitch today. Looking like a project power ranger, chasing me all over this place.
Gina: What are you talking about, Reggie?
Reggie: There was some kind of diamond heist near the beach today, right? Bucum, chasing me. I'm running. I accidentally hid in the back of the damn crooks' van.
Gina: A diamond heist, Reggie?
Reggie: Then they tried to kill me.
Gina: So, what happened after that? How did you escape?
Reggie: How did I escape? You know how I escaped. I fought my way up out of there.
[wildly hitting at the air]
Reggie: I hit about five dudes, knocked about three bitches down. You know I don't play, Gina.
Gina: Baby, you can't fight.
Reggie: Who can't fight? I was knockin'. I hit this one dude. He ran up on me. I was like, "Mmm!"
[wildly hitting at the air]
Reggie: He hit me in the head twice. And I did... Look. And I grabbed. And then he hit me one more time. You can't tell me. See, I'm nervous and paranoid, man.

(Source: All about the Benjamins)

Mike Epps epitomizes my life in this movie.

NYC was a damn good ass trip

Mansion is a sick club. Celebrate the wealth, pouring Moet in her hair. Excuse me her weave, the bluest of weed.

Beer pong on Saturday. Legendary.

We are International.

The official word is do not put; Dr. J, Midtown, Streetz, Radio and Mike Telly in the same place and expect nothing but the best.

Quarter brick, half brick, whole brick Aye!

Back to reality.

Now I'm aware about my horrible Friday. The DMV will get no more of my money.

"How can you not like her? She likes Rick Ross"

Stop worrying about them and their reality show. We need to worry about the star players and how we gon get our reality show. I need to use this Mark Cronin bcard.

In a few days, its gonna be some ish.

Is anyone aware that Dick Cheney is bad ass?!

I really hate my commute. It just takes too long to go a short distance. What complicates this is the arbitrary times of which we have to be at work. If there is anything I hate more its having to be somewhere at a certain time when nothing important is going on.

Turn to page 7, of your Express today. Who is that chick on the bottom right?

And I am convinced I'm losing my mind and religion?

Stay classy DC.

Lig and Gig.

Swimming in women, champagne sipping.

And its official this Nuvo thing is out of control.


Anonymous said...

i'm upset... how come u didn't tell me u were in NYC this wknd??

i think i'm a little salty because i was supposed to have nuvo this wknd but didn't =(

True2me said...

you didn't miss anything miss