Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morning Mail - 5.7.09

Mr. Jones: Now when I went to bed last night. Didn't I tell you take out the trash?
Craig Jones: Yeah.
Mr. Jones: So, why didn't you do it?
Craig Jones: I fell asleep.
Mr. Jones: I wish you was sleeping right now, I knock you upside your head with a left hook make your ass wake up and take out that damn trash.
Craig Jones: [Craig goes to the trash can to dump out his cereal]
Mr. Jones: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What are you doing?
Craig Jones: I'm throwing this away. We ain't even got no milk.
Mr. Jones: You better put some water on that damn shit!
Craig Jones: Alright, I'll eat it.
Mr. Jones: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Take the garbage out front son!
(Source: Friday)

This movie is funny every time.

NYC here we go again

Hot songs

Lil Wayne - Facelift

Nicky Minaj feat. Lil Wayne - Get Crazy

I'm not sure why I haven't had much to say these last few days. Probably because I refuse to let things get to me right now.

Shoutout to the girls who are feeling Deeper than Rap.

Kobe is not bound by the same rules as the rest of us humans.

Its some real crazy people in this world. And in these days of schitzos and terrorists, I would prefer more law officers on forms of public transportation.

Need to plan the next vacation, 285 vs. 95.

Have I ever told you that I'm a firm believer that if everyone thinks you did it, you should at least enjoy it? If everyone said you did it before, then you might as well had did it before.

Funniest quote of yesterday, "Have you heard this new Weezy song, Every Girl?" - YFP. Why is this funny? Because the first line of the song describes this girl perfectly and when I first met her this is the first thing I thought about, about 3 weeks ago. ;).

Day care is some expensive ish.

I think every woman on my project is pregnant. Do not remind me how scary this is.

Yo this is your funny joke for the year, whenever someone says something that like powerful, like not like force, but like poignant, just yell out.... Aye! Seriously do this at work and watch what happens.

There is only one word to describe you fools trying to get that free chicken yesterday from KFC... one!
Laugh it all the way to the bank.

I am literally accosted by the smell on this train right now. We need security this lady stinks and there is no flowing air on the train.

I think its quite ridiculous that I have to deal with this shit right now. Where are the police? I am about to throw up if she doesn't go away.

Fuck the morning mail, I'm out. I can't breathe.

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