Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Morning Mail - 5.20.09

Stanley Goodspeed: I love pressure. I eat it for breakfast.
(Source: The Rock)

I’m starting to lack serious motivation at my job. It’s a problem because I’m usually very engaged at work, despite the fact that I do not necessarily always buy into the work I do. I realize that at times when I do not agree with how we are doing something, I just won’t waste my time doing it. For example, right now I think we are just doing busy work because our client is not responsive. It is my opinion that we just wait instead of spinning wheels on tasks that we won’t even use later.

The chance of rain has been reduced for Sunday.

Laker baby, you know that’s me.

I thought about this the other day, I saw Halley’s Comet in 1986, there’s a good chance I’ll see it again. That’s odd for most people.

Here Iran goes again looking to eff ish up. So they just tested a missile with the power to go to Israel or Southeastern Asia. I ain’t really trying to be the one to say this, but look out. I think Iran is leaning on the fact that they know Obama won’t go to war.

The train ride this morning was quiet. Although, it really bothers me when people listen to things too loudly. I just can’t understand why. It makes no sense at the point of which you can hear it to listen to something so loud. It’s ruining your ears. Ironically, people who listen to things too loudly also usually have bad eyes. It’s a reflection on how they like to use up God’s gifts that you only get once. Think about it.

Blake Griffin is the assumed #1 pick. And the LA Clippers have the first pick. If I was him, I’d say no. However, it might not be a bad idea to spend 4-5 years in LA and then bounce to a team with a chance.

Does anybody remember that show, “My so called Life” with Claire Danes?

A lot of prom pictures have been circling the internet from various high schools in our nation. Lord help us. However, I must say my prom wasn’t the innocent angels either. I thought my prom was quite a hot mess itself. I look back over the pictures now like, “Lord, have mercy.” I was shining though, and had those waves… keep em spinning tho.

Gonna keep it pushing.

Gig and Lig.

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True2me said...

Im one of those loud ipod listeners..but it doesnt seem that loud to me

I have always loved loud music..I talk kinda loud too

maybe I do have bad hearing