Thursday, May 14, 2009

Knock You Down

It’s only a knockout if you don’t get up. But you’re allowed a standing 8-count to get your bearings and get back out there. And after a knockdown no one expects you to have it altogether because most times you still are in a daze and lost for which way is up and which was is down. Consider each one of life’s experiences just another 3-minute round and if you can just find a way to fight your fight and make it back to your corner, you’ll always come out on top. Sometimes you will get knocked out and you have to start over. You have to refresh, relax, relate and release. And it takes time. Don’t be so quick to jump into another situation, because you’ll never learn from your mistakes. Remember what you learned in that gym when you were training, remember that time you got back up before, and remember that life isn’t about the times you get knocked down, it’s about the times you got back up.

I’ve been knocked down before. I didn’t make the team, didn’t get that job, I wasn’t captain of the safety patrol team, when I asked her to be my Valentine she already had one, when I asked her to be my girlfriend she already had one (hey I live in DC), I didn’t get that promotion, I didn’t get that A, and some how I always manage to get back. I should note that somehow because I’m convinced that my love and hate relationship with that man upstairs is parallel only to David’s a man after the Lord’s heart. I never have fallen flat on my face, I always manage to brace my fall. I have a strong chin… great stamina… and when I want to win, I will not be defeated.

I never really get hit when I’m expecting it. Ironic? Maybe not. It hits everyone the same way. For example, he’s been through the one of the toughest times of his life, he’s contemplating if something is wrong with him or the world. Saying dumb shit like, “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us so one of us has to go. It’s me or you!” So he gets it in his mind to just go, just go, get out of town and go to another place. And he cops a ticket to anywhere, and hops in the next spaceship and to his surprise sitting next to him was Iron Mike Tyson in the body of a long haired, thick, red bone and…. FTW hazel eyes!

You see you just got to stay in the ring. Just get up after every knockdown.

Kid Cudi said, “the sky might fall, but I’m not worried at all.” Man you got to believe it, you must feel it. I swear in DC, it has been overcast and cloudy everyday for the last three weeks, and when it wasn’t it was cold in the morning and hot at night. And for someone who catches metro that is totally unacceptable. And I personally think that the weather was the way it was because I was in such a bad mood that I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the weather. I would have just taken it as another opportunity to talk to God face-to-face about the hand I was dealt. And today, the sun showed himself for enough time for me to discuss somethings, “I ain't play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards, I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars.”

Have you ever seen ‘Pursuit of Happyness’? The last scene after he gets the job and he walks outside the building? He seems like the world is moving without him, but he’s standing there with his arms extending. That’s the feeling that you get when you know what the canvas feels like and know how hard it is to get back up.

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True2me said...

i like this post

I'm one of those people who dont seek happyness from having 17 degrees and spending all my life in school so that others can say "wow she is successful"

Im not one of those women who dont seek marriage as my way of happiness

and I take life as it comes to me

Im not going to do something I hate because Im supposed to (stay home all the time cause Um broke, go to school 18 more years, prostitute myself for a gucci bag)

I used to beat myself for not having some of the same accomplishments as others..but I have truly began to just love myself as I am. and I KNOW that when one door closes, another opens. I done had so many doors close its not even funny, so I dont sweat the small stuff. My ex thinks its cause I dont care, I care, just not enough to steal my happiness