Thursday, May 21, 2009

High Heels Freestyle - Random Rant

I do not think I’m the only man who has an infatuation with women in heels. It’s just something about them. It’s something about the way a woman walks in them. It’s something about the way her legs look in them. It’s something about the angles. I swear it’s not the shoes I notice, it’s the heel. (I must say, if I think you are doing too much, I will look at you like you’re dumb. For example, if you have on 4-inch stilettos at work, I will clown you.) The heel, high heel, it signifies; greatness, dedication, discipline, balance, grace, poise and attention to detail.

You know what type of heels I do not like though? I do not like those block heels, or the ones that look they are made of straw. That’s cheating. Es no bueno. And I’ll be real with you, if you fall because of your heels I’m laughing. OH the funniest is hands down in Georgetown when a girl gets the heel caught in the brick sidewalk. That has to be the funniest ish ever. She just be walking and WOMP, she is a few steps down the street without a shoe.

Those new caged heels that girls are wearing this season... They say, “I’m sexy, but I like being tied up.” And that’s really sexy. Platform heels, to me they are like baggy jeans, “I have no reason to be in these right now, but give me my credit I am managing to walk in them.”

I mean, flats are OK, I guess. But I’m just saying, a nice pair of high heels, watching those calfs raise and I’m like turning my head to the side. I almost want to say it make her butt rise and perk up too. A woman with long legs and slightly bow legged, can have me speaking in tongues. Earlier this week I was leaving work and walking to the metro, I have to cross 13th ST to get there which is a pretty busy street. I was looking at some woman who was crossing the street in front of me, and totally forgot about curbs and almost busted my ass. And see I’m not a gawker, I am not that dude who is uncomfortably breathing on the metro trying to get a peek. However, occasionally a man has to notice talent.

We do not have to talk about how heels can play a part in foreplay. Everyone can go to their personal Picture-In-Picture (PIP)* while sitting at your computers to think about that.

I would just like to remind y’all that I do not trust women in pencil skirts. Those are some deceptive articles of clothing. There should be an irremovable tag that says, “Things appear larger than they are.”

To Be Continued….

* - Anyone ever said something and you didn't reply outloud, you sort of go to a place on your own. You stare up and to the left, or down and to the right and have a personal daydream... or reminisce. That's the picture in picture.


Mia Anita said...


My first experience with a male appreciating a nice shoe game on a woman was last October in New York. It made me very happy. Kudos to you for noticing the lady heels. LOL

Reina said...

Now each time I slip on my heels this summer, I'm going to think about you.

And I wear 4 inch stilettos to work. I have to because I'm short, and if I didn't, I would trip over my slacks all day. Plus, they make me feel sexy and powerful.