Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning Mail - 5.14.09

I just want to go to sleep at 11/12 and sleep through the night with no interruptions.

I just want to get on the train and not have somebody larger than one seat sit next to me and squish me against the window.

I just want 45 comments on SBM. Insert link.

I just want the Air Yeezy's but am concious because Memorial Day is coming up and we got a budget.

I just want people to stop blaming it on the alcohol. If alcohol lets you inhibitions down then what are you really telling me.

I just want me a sweet chick, she don't even have to a big old ass.

I just want to know what this girl's name is who walked on the train with this pink trenchcoat. Does she blog?

I just want to get through my tribe lp without an interruption..

I just want a Maybach and five chicks who don't speak English real good.

I just want these fools to stop challenging my ability to rock a v neck and tie combo they never seen before.

I just want fedex's new company to stop trying to return the package.

I just want you to know I'm vindictive with this ether.

I just want to be BAWSE.

I just want these lil hoodrats to get their teeth fixed. Met life bitches.

I just want to be able to say fuck and bitches at work.

I just want my own theme music.

I just want 40 ounces and a pitbull.

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True2me said...

I just want me a sweet chick, she don't even have to a big old ass.

*raises hand*

lol...just jiving