Monday, May 18, 2009

Morning Mail - 5.18.09

Sorry there will be no morning mail. I literally walked into work at 1030ish. Allergies and long weekend to blame.

However, i'm having a cookout next Sunday. If you would like to attend please hit me with an offline email. Or post your in the comments and i'll send you the Evite. All of the TBJ readers are welcome. We gon' have beer pong, flip cup, Taboo! and spades. And food. And most importantly, liquor and beer.

But we ain't Phelps, so we don't do water. I.e., everywho is going to be f*cked up.

Stay thirsty my friends,

Dr. J

PS - Ain't it crazy how beer commercial always encourage you to get ignent drunk and then at the end they be like, "Drink Responsibly"? Like dead ass, tell me that before i've been drinking, not after.


True2me said...

*raises hand*..I'd like to attend

You want me to put my email in comments tho? (your sentence was incomplete)

Anonymous said...

oooh sounds like fun. if someone would be willing to drive 3hrs to get there (i'll be in norfolk/portsmouth, va this wknd), i will attend also.