Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Morning Mail - 5.19.09

Jude: Just as you are? Not thinner? Not cleverer? Not with slightly bigger breasts or slightly smaller nose?
Bridget: No.
Shazzer: Well, f*ck me.
Tom: This is someone you hate right?
Bridget: Yes, yes, I hate him.

(Source: Bridget Jones Diary)

Don Cannon told me I had to open up with, IMAN!!! You're a crazy women. I applaud your candor, quietly in the back.

As the NBA playoffs continue.

Of course we have red line delays, tell me what's new.

I'm the only one who has to be at my client site everyday. This is BS. I don't know if I've blogged about this much, but there's a lot of pregnant women at my office. I fear we may have a new one soon.

Seinfeld once said, "I'm not gay! Not that there's anything wrong with that." I can't lie I have to say how I feel. There's absolutely too many young black boys who are openly practicing homosexuality right now. Its out of control. A friend of mine attributed it to the lack of black male role models. I can't call it, but it does concern me..

I'm going to start a new blog soon and am looking for writers. The premise of the blog will be, take them out back and shoot them. A place where you can talk about a person or a type of person we could all be without, be on the look out.

Maybach checkpoint, reached ahead of schedule. Had a great annual review.

I have this thing about me that is so important that people realize. I don't talk to some people a certain way and when they talk to me a way out of order, I get very angry. Let me be clear, I don't scream at people. I don't snap at people. And I never talk to anyone like they are my child. When you do this to me you are seconds away from me deading any type of friendship or communication with you going forward.

Why is Amex laying people off? Simple because people like myself are realizing how good they are at enabling people and cancelling their cards.

You ever be in a public place and you are reading something on your pda or cell phone and you start laughing out loud? Yeah that's kinda weird, but damnit it happens.

Shake that big watusy booty! You know I've never really been a tits and ass man. I don't know why, but never have been. I like qualities that women have to work for that also exhibit determination and discipline.

I hate Birthday Sex. It reminds me that a) I'm not having sex, and b) its not my birthday. I can't see how this song helps me. Even though Red Cafe's remix is quite hilarious.

I hate when people ask me for money, I just hate it. I don't have a problem giving, as I do a lot. Its just the tactics that people use. They always try to corner you or make it so you can't say no. I love the word, No. So at least give me that luxury to use it.

What I did at work yesterday was legendary.

I would hate to work my whole life and feel insignificant. That's how I know I won't be doing what I'm doing forever. At the end of the day, your contributions are appreciated, but I'm stadium status not coffee shops and pubs.

Gig and Lig.

Trying to drop some serious blogs today.

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