Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Morning Mail - 07.06.10

Chuck Sherman: I'm a sophisticated sex robot, sent back in time to change the future for one lucky lady. (Source: American Pie)

Have you ever noticed that they downplay the fact that Serena is an American in tennis? I mean, they will e like, “Andy Roddick is the last American in the men’s field.” But they won’t ever say “And American Serena Williams has won another Grand Slam.”

Rick Ross is getting sued by the real “Freeway” Ricky Ross. I think Ricky Ross is in jail thinking to himself that he could use some extra money to keep the goons off of him.

Tiger Woods is only giving that woman $100 million instead of $750 million, which being me back to my original point, does anybody remember Sheila Johnson?

Deep down on the inside and I know this comes from a place of hate and disgust, I’m so glad that it looks like the NY Knicks have crapped out of this year’s NBA Free Agency. I truly believe that Amare is not the beast we thought he was. He has been on a decline since the eye injury.

Shutter Island was a crazy movie. I think the key part about the movie for me is that conversation when it is said, “”I’m not crazy.” Doesn’t mean anything does it?”

4th of July – We should always pause and remember Frederick Douglass’s address on What to the Slave is the 4th of July? This year was exceptionally good for me. I’m more proud of myself for spending Monday quietly instead of running back out to party again.

It is hot as Hades in DC. Nothing else I got to say on that.

Am I the only one who notices so many nip slips and upskirts on the train in the morning? I think it’s that women are getting ready in a rush so much that they don’t stop to look at themselves in the mirror from various different angles. But they insist on wearing risqué clothing. Today, this girl had on a wrap dress and a yellow bra, as she stood to the side I could see her nipple hanging out of her bra. All types of wrong, I mean maybe her bra is too small…

Dreams are powerful, that's why I take notes. I had some beautiful dreams this weekend.

As with most weekends that a pool is involved I have to prepare myself for an ear infection or something crazy to happen. The one weakness that Dr. J has is that he is so susceptible to illnesses like clogged ears, water in ears, and ear infections. It really sucks that I’m standing in the baby section of the pharmacy trying to figure out the best solution.

This will be a great week, enjoy it.

Life is good. God is good.

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Tunde said...

as someone who's blog is entitled "like a dream" i would tend to agree with the following:

"Dreams are powerful, that's why I take notes. I had some beautiful dreams this weekend."

i have a book where i write down dreams. i interpret some of them on my blog and i have a this great book called 20,000 dreams. great interpretations.

and yes shutter island was weird.