Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summers in Miami (Part I)

1:44AM on Saturday
504: What are you up to?
305: At Liv, getting ready to leave. What are you doing?
504: Leaving Mansion. Did you still want to link up?
305: Yeah… where?

I had no clue where we were going to end up all I knew is that I needed to get out of the club and onto the road very quickly. When I get to my car I notice a new MMS message, it’s a picture with the caption, “Hurry up, I’m waiting.” Problem is, I didn’t know where she was waiting for me at. So I text her back and ask where she’s at, no reply. I was scrambling for answers and so I sat in my car for a while to see if she would respond to a second text message.

504: ?
305: [No response]

Twitter! I bet if I look at her last location on Twitter I will find her. So I log onto Ubertwitter and look for her last message, but her last message just says she’s on I-95. I’m thinking to myself if I drive all the way back to Ft. Lauderdale, I’m not coming back out here to see her tonight. Finally against my better judgment I call, the phone went straight to voicemail. I really despise when women do that. Anyway I start heading home, hot and bothered. I toss the phone in the passenger seat and hit the road. After a while, I check my phone and I get another text message from a random number.

619: Hey, this is 305, my phone died but I’m going to meet you at your house. Is it cool if I bring my friend?
504: Um… yeah that’s cool.

This means that they just want free coke and more alcohol. But this doesn’t mean an absolute lost, but I won’t be getting any tonight. As I pull up to my house I notice an empty car in my driveway. I get out the car and I’m wondering if I left my door open again, or if they found the spare key that I keep under the mat. I go into my condo to find the place exactly how I left it, doesn’t look like anyone is here.

504: Where are you?
619: You’re it.

305 and her friend 619 are someone either in my condo or complex hiding at 4 in the morning, so I go looking for them. I’m pretty sure they aren’t inside because my alarm hadn’t been disabled, so I have to check the complex. There’s only a few places they could be; the gym, the pool, the courtyard or the sun deck. I’ve never been able to find out why once you enter my complex you can enter the pool or gym without any key access, but it’s a gated community with pretty good security. I check the gym first, and I find two sets of clothes, shoes, dresses and panties. But after looking through the whole gym I don’t find any other signs of them. So I walk out to the pool. The pool however is calm as if no one has been in it for hours. The hot tub is off and cool. Just then I hear the gate of the pool slam shut, I turn around but I’m too late. One of them was able to get out. I was run out the gate to see that she’s disappeared into the dark. Now that I know they are moving it gets more interesting.

As a child I was always the best at hide and go seek. It was so bad that people would never like me to be “it” because of my strategy for finding people. I wouldn’t look for anyone. I would hide myself. I would think about where base was and how someone would have to get to base. I’d find a spot along that path and hide and wait and pounce. I decided to wait in the courtyard in a dark corner where a light had went out. I settled into the dark and watched the courtyard carefully. Didn’t take long for me to hear sounds of footsteps and then a silhouette sprinted across the courtyard and came my way. I was hiding near the exit closest to my condo. As she approached I pushed my back all the way against the wall. I could see the outline of her naked body, she walked comfortably, but she panned the courtyard to make sure she wasn’t being followed.

Suddenly she stopped, almost as if she had seen something.

Hiding behind the wall I could only see her shadow as she moved closer to me. I made sure to hold my breath. I could hear her panting. She was on the other side of the pillar, but why did she stop? I wondered if she had seen a shadow of me, however I could feel her naked body getting closer to me. Sort of the way two lovers can feel each other in the dark, I could feel that she had no clothes on and that the thrill of getting caught naked turned her on. Then I could hear her tiptoeing around the pillar, closer and closer to me. Then I heard her whisper loudly, she was whispering to see if 619 was still in the courtyard. She must have heard me. I stayed still, her heavy panting was covering up the sound of my shallow breathing. She kept calling out for 619, but she didn’t reply.

It was at that moment that she made a dash for the tunnel that led to my condo.


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