Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Morning Mail – 7.14.10

Buggin' Out: You almost knocked me down, man. the word is "excuse me."
Clifton: Ah, excuse me, I'm sorry.
Buggin' Out: Not only did ya knock me down, you stepped on my brand-new white Air Jordan's I just bought, and that's all you can say is "excuse me"?
Clifton: What, are you serious?
Buggin' Out: Yeah, I'm serious, I'll fuck you up quick two times.
Punchy: Two times.
Buggin' Out: Who told you to step on my sneakers, who told you to walk on my side of the block, who told you to be in my neighborhood?
Clifton: I own this brownstone.
Buggin' Out: Who told you to buy a brownstone on my block, in my neighborhood, on my side of the street? Yo, what you wanna live in a Black neighborhood for, anyway? Man, motherfuck gentrification.

(Source: Do The Right Thing)

Ever had a real hood person put something so intellectual in perspective without using big words or guns?

How can you not be excited about the potential for Teflon Don to be the best album of 2010? I think just like 09, Teflon Don will provide the alternative to the more mainstream album. Last year, BP3 was hailed as the best, but I thought Deeper Than Rap was. IMO.

Got some writing done yesterday, a lot of writing. I have made it law that I will not be answering or replying to things that come through on my phone when writing. I will intermittingly answer my gchat and tweets. It’s just to take my eyes away from the computer screen causes me to procrastinate. I’ll apologize later.

What does everyone think about Rihanna reaching out to Chris Brown to mend a friendship? How do you feel about your significant other talking to his ex? Women who say they don’t care are usually the first offenders, lol.

Color cut clarity.

I think everyone is excited about hip hop in the 2nd half of 2010. If I can get a BlackBerry with video chat functionality, I might scuba dive in the Gulf and close the hole myself.

You should never have to ask someone why they are standing in your cube trying to use your computer when you are not there.

“I love those who love me.” – DC Don Juan

I seriously cannot go out on Tuesday and expect the week to end in a productive manner.

Re: Untapped Potential - "A gun isn’t a weapon without the bullets." - Dr. J

Life is Good, God is Good.

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ok. its official.i love morning mail. thatisall.