Thursday, July 15, 2010

Morning Mail – 7.15.10

Narrator: The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections.

Pvt. Joe Bowers: [addressing Congress] ... And there was a time in this country, a long time ago, when reading wasn't just for fags and neither was writing. People wrote books and movies, movies that had stories so you cared whose ass it was and why it was farting, and I believe that time can come again!
(Source: Idiocracy)

I gave you two for today, because you’re special.

I seriously hate my morning commute. More than that, I hate the question I get when I walk into work late. As if somehow they think that I roll out of bed at 10AM walk across the street to work. They know how much I hate being here late and when they ask me why I’m here so late, I say, because metro puts me here late.

A single woman’s sharp tongue is usually the reason why she’s single. But why is it that most men would prefer to Tame the Shrew than take the woman who is already tamed. I guess it’s the same reason women want to date a project themselves.

The Tea Party is not racist. I explained this to someone yesterday. If the Tea Party is racist then the NAACP is racist. Wait, the NAACP is racist.

I should not be the only one who knows how to get on the internet at my job. I’ve been keeping a journal since 2005 called, “I’m talking but I don’t think my manager can hear me.” I’ve chronicled my ideas on management, developing employees and suggestions that I’ve made that have either been stolen or found out they were correct months later.

Law & Order is the best TV show ever. The Simpsons doesn’t come close.

This may get my computer confiscated, but I think that Fidel Castro is a true revolutionary. He will never get the credit he deserves until he long gone. He has only done what he said he would do since the time he got into power. If you want to understand Yellow Journalism, it starts with understand the Cuba situation.

Hopefully, this new site will launch today. I can’t make any guarantees.

Life is okay. God is good.


Redbonegirl97 said...

The FBI and CIA will be at your door in about 5 minutes.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

SaneN85 said...

"Law & Order is the best TV show ever."

Ummm, no.

Lola said...

This was a freaking awesome post! Very inspiring! Specially your last comment about Fidel Castro!

Shawn Smith said...

Idiocracy was a great movie. It's sad that people didn't get the real message behind it, especially the intro to the movie.

Anonymous said...


Sukez said...

Law & Order IS awesome. God bless Dick Wolf and everyone behind him.