Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comparing Women To Celebrities

You would think that telling a woman that she reminds you of a celebrity would make her happy. That’s not really the case. Most women just don’t like to hear that they look like someone else. Now this happened to me because I told a girl, “I think that you have a Jessica Burciaga look, and that’s perfect.” She gave me this cut of her eye that made me wonder, “What did I do wrong?” Jessica Burciaga is beautiful in almost every way.

However, as I think back over my life every time you begin a sentence with, “you know who you look like…” Most women don’t want to hear anything else you have to say. It’s like they have this undying need to never be compared to anyone in the world. I think that’s kind of a stupid way to approach things too because what you’re saying is that you want to be one of a kind, but in reality, maybe being sort of kind of like one isn’t a bad thing. I’ve seen people swear up and down that a girl looked like Paula Patton, my response, “SHE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE PAULA PATTON.” So think about it, if everyone goes around saying you look like … hmmm … Janet Jackson, but they all agree on it, is that a bad thing? Imagine if they said you look like Freddie Jackson? Or like some random animal. In high school they teased a girl that she looked like Pumbaa. Of course Pumbaa didn’t know about this, all she knew was that no one was checking for her.

In fact, while in high school I dated a girl and when I met her the first thing I told her was, “You look like Alicia Keys.” She laughed and told me that she’d never heard that before. You know what happened about six months later? That was my girlfriend.

But to go back to the point about why women hate to be compared to anyone, I’m taking a deeper look. Would it be better if I was to say, “you know who you look better than”? Would that change it? I’m trying to figure out if the reason why they hate being compared to another woman is because they think that somehow you’re saying this person looks better, but you’re almost there. It’s like when you see her, you’re really thinking about Gabrielle Union or Lala Vasquez. Could that be it?

Or could it be that all women want to feel like they are a gift from God made especially for Earth? I’m not sure I buy into that either because technically you end up looking like your family members. I know two sisters who are 3 years apart who could be twins. Would they get upset if you said, “You look like your sister?” Actually they would, people say it all the time and although it’s actually four of them, Iranian girls, they all look the exact same. But when someone points that out to them, they get their panties in a bunch. So maybe it is that they want to be one of a kind, something that the Lord done made.

Here’s my issue with that, if someone says you look like Halle Berry, you better take that ish. You better thank God and Kanye that someone thinks that highly of you. If someone says that they think you’re a mini version of Rosa Acosta, you better be happy they didn’t say Mo’Nique. Sidenote, I was there when this girl said to another girl, “You remind me of Mo’Nique.” I nearly died laughing, like I busted out into laughter right then and there. Her point was that she was comfortable in her own skin and very funny. But in my mind I was thinking, you mean she has hairy legs and is a big girl? That’s still funny to me to this day. And what about that girl who told me she looked like Kim Kardashian … is it okay for you to say, “people tell me I look like” but if I say, “hey you know who you look like” it’s offensive?

I can’t call it, what are y’all thoughts? This coming from the guy who was told for years that he resembled Dave Chappelle.


TellyLongLegs said...
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SaneN85 said...

I've been told quite a bit that I remind people of or look like Sanaa Lathan. It doesn't really bother me, but I know that I can't really touch Sanaa Lathan, and that person is likely trying to get the goods. Also, when people compare me to Sanaa or Beyonce (another frequent one), I know that it's usually just the light skin they're comparing.

This does remind me of this time when I was in school when a friend (well, more acquaintance) decided to help me out. He started to tell me all the little things (wear more makeup, keep my hair straight all the time, get highlights, wear more dresses, etc.) that I could do to be Beyonce's twin. Apparently, I wasn't as girly as he thought I should be and he said if I stopped playing sports, I'd basically be Beyonce. o___0

TellyLongLegs said...

This post is funny because you're right. I wouldn't mind being compared to a celebrity as long as I thought they were pretty. If someone told me I looked like someone I really look nothing a like, I would think they're being funny. Whether the person is pretty or not doesn't matter, I would still question their compliment... I hope this makes sense.

Reecie said...

yes woman don't like to be compared to anything, they want to feel unique and God's gift... to something. No really I think the truth is if its a something you hear often, folks are just tired of hearing it. thats my theory on it. Especially with siblings. I guess they want their own identity.

I hollered at that Monique comparison because I wouldn't interpreted it the same way you did.

Sane, I see Sanaa some in the smile.

Anonymous said...

"You better thank God and Kanye that someone thinks that highly of you"-LMAO!

I too am fond w/ Mr. West! I love how u reference him often. Ha!!

max said...

There was a time in my life that people used to always tell me I looked like these two celebrities; both of which I think are ugly. So I didn't like that. If someone told me I looked like Jessica Burciaga I would tongue-kiss them. Even though that would obviously be crazy.

And I do get annoyed when people say I look like my sister. Not because I think I'm one of a kind and cannot be compared to anyone else, but because I totally don't.

Mrs.Brightside said...

When I started rocking my ‘fro sophomore year of college I was often compared to Jill Scott. I think she is very attractive so it was cool. In general I prefer not to be compared to other people because it often comes with all the reason why you wouldn't consider me and this person twins. People hit you with the insult sandwich. "You look like Jill Scott, except her skin is smoother, but both ya’ll have super long hair” Thanks, ouch, thanks; I could have done without that. Even if the person doesn’t say it most women are thinking about.

You may have more luck with saying “you remind me of” rather than “you look like”. Look like and remind me of can be taken very differently. Like the Mo’Nique thing. You remind me of you laughed but knew she probably didn’t mean look wise. It may just be me but you remind me of and you look like hit me in totally different ways. Either way you’re liable to her a “What’s that supposed to mean?”