Friday, April 1, 2011

Morning Mail - 4.1.11

Will: All men are islands. And what's more, this is the time to be one. This is an island age. A hundred years ago, for example, you had to depend on other people. No one had TV or CDs or DVDs or home espresso makers. As a matter of fact they didn't have anything cool. Whereas now you can make yourself a little island paradise. With the right supplies, and more importantly the right attitude, you can become sun-drenched, tropical, a magnet for young Swedish tourists.
(Source: About a Boy)

Mad suspect title.
Great movie, talks about how to develop the minds of others. I wrote something yesterday I wanted to share with all.  I will post it next week.

We are live in DC.  We can't lose. That has more to do with Slim staying across the street from where hookers do their deed though.

And I don't tweet on weekends, so...

Life is good. God is good.

I always miss RedLady a bit more than everyone else.

Call me weezy f. bitch im straight
From the street the dope game is sour
And the dope is sweet i live in the tower
Got a scope on the heat
Hit you from 100 feet
We dont even have to meet
Ya bitch love me we dont even have to meet
But if i run into her believe me i will (hold on)...
Ya bitch love me we dont even have to meet
But if i run into her believe me i will do her
And if that bitch bitch is crazy
Believe me i will sue her
Got some hungry ass lawyers
That would eat her up and chew her
I dont know why you love her
I wish i never knew her
She only give me brain
She was just another tutor
She blow my whole band
I was just another tuba
Now get off my dick
And get lost in aruba
Its money over bitches
Cash money over bitches
Young money over bitches
Get money from them bitches
I do!
(Source: Lil' Wayne - Ask Them Hoes)


Anonymous said...

this is THEE most random blog i think i've ever read. lol. i used to read when it had a different layout but somehow i never connected that this was your blog. slowness.

anyhoo, i like the Life is good, God is good thing.

SaneN85 said...

I can't hate that you miss MsRedLady (because she's great), but I hope I come in second at least. No wait, don't tell me, I'd rather keep the dream alive.