Monday, April 11, 2011

Morning Mail - 4.11.11

Ray Koval: [referring to the thong Claire found in his wardrobe] I've been loyal to you. The only woman who's been in this apartment is the landlady and she couldn't wear that thing as a wristband.
Claire Stenwick: I found these in your closet.
Ray Koval: I swear to you I have no idea who they belong to.
Claire Stenwick: Well in that case I'll put them back on.
Ray Koval: You're gaming me?
(Source: Duplicity)

There are some benefits to having a best friend who is a girl.

That’s all I’m saying on that.

The beginning of Gin & Juice, is that a dude taking a piss or someone pouring some liquid, like maybe pouring OJ in the Gin?  What y’all think?

I’ve been going back and forth for a long time about when I would have preferred to live.  If I wish I lived in the 90s, 80s or 70s.  And when I say lived, I am talking about when you are between the ages of 21-28, the best years of your life.  So, let me think about this right now.  I think that growing up during the beginning of gangsta rap would have been fun.  The house party was serious in the 90s.  Like people don’t have house parties like that anymore.  Used to be a time when people just hung out at the cookout or the house and drank a 40, chicks had Mystics and people put the boombox on.  Now we just go to the club.  Now the 80s was cool, but the thing about the 80s, is though the fashion was better, they had mad STDs on the low.  And people thought that it would be fine to smoke crack, they ain’t know until like 1989 that crack wasn’t going to work out for Black people.  The 80s had better music and better parties.  And it was before they went after Michael with everything they had.  You just had to be slightly concerned that people used to have sex parties with no condoms in sight and every now and then someone would get really sick quickly and die.  The 70s is an easy decision.  People who are Black and want to go back to the 50s, 60s, or 70s, are dumb.  America was racist as all hell.  I mean on one hand in the 50s you could smash off mad chicks like crazy and only worried about VD or her getting pregnant, but on the other hand America was racist as all hell.  And as I think about that, you couldn’t talk to any white women?  Not that you have to talk to white women, but I just hate being told who I can and can’t date.  Plus on top of that all the women were like Mexican.  Is that racist?  Probably, but wait, Puerto Rican too.  At the same time, it was a different climate.  And outside of New York City, people wasn’t mixing and mingling and that wouldn’t have worked out for me.  So I’m actually stoked about having the best years of my life in the 2010s.

People who dig for something wrong, usually find it.  Like if you approach a situation like, “Did anything wrong just happen to me?”  You’ll probably find a way to turn anything into a bad situation.

Amber Rose continues to grow on me.  Probably because of how much she’s into Wiz.  I’m real happy for Wiz and then I thought about something… I would probably still wife down Amber if I had a shot at it.  And that’s sick because I know two dudes that hit before me.  I also know both them dudes had way more money than I do, right now.

Tupac was a G.

Every now and then you got kiss some babies and hug some women.  There are few people who truly understand how important it is that people do community service.  You also have to learn to wave.  When I tell you that there are times when I’m approached and someone says, “Hey are you that guy, Dr. J?” a lot.  I’m not lying.  Now, my typical answer is, “Yo, who is that guy, people ask me that all the time.”  But to be honest, I could be an ass and be rude to someone who does that, but that’s not cool.  I understand that 1) this person takes time everyday, or every so often to read my blog(s), 2) they probably don’t want anything pass confirmation that it’s me, 3) well, I don’t have a third point, but you get what I mean.

Life is good. God is good.


max said...

When I lived with my ex I once found a pair of panties that didn't belong to me rolled up into a sock and hidden under the futon.
That's all I'm going to say about that.

redlady821 said...

OK so I can tell you that the '80's was THE best time of my life.

AIDS didn't become a huge issue until around 1988-1989 when it crossed over into the heterosexual world and by that time I was already living with my soon to be husband so I was straight.

To me the 1990's had the best music (80's music was straight weird) and best music videos came out.

I think that today's current times (21st Century) are the most wack. I think that we are too immersed in technology and that sex is just weird. I am so glad that I am not single because I would probably not navigate the single world well at all.

I know what you're saying about being able to date outside of your race and that being a cool factor. I notice (even in my blog today) that I'm the one with the huge race issues because of the time that I grew up. My children do not have those same race issues. That's about it.

SaneN85 said...

You are so random. I love it!

Demenna said...

Your thoughts always make me chuckle. Love it. Tupac was a G!