Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morning Mail - 4.27.11

Ebony: [while speaking to two strippers trying on shoes] You need a bigger size, huh?
Stripper #1: It's about time. You took so long I don't even know what I want no 'mo.
Stripper #2: Girl, I could not put up with your job.
Ebony: I couldn't put up with yours either. What club do you all work at?
Stripper #2: Club Sugar Daddy!
[High-fives her friend]
Ebony: Hmm, how do you put up with *your* job?
Stripper #1: Now easy, Miss Thang. We just using what we got to get what we want.
Stripper #2: [high-fiving her friend] Go on, girl!
Ebony: Well, if that's all you got, you don't want much.
(Source: The Players Club)

Seems like everyone wants to go to the strip club these days. I’m like a connoisseur of the strip club, but it was never like this. I remember when I first started going to strip clubs, almost ten years ago. Maybe more. I had a fake ID, so it was a trip. But I just found something fascinating about strip clubs. But this isn’t about that. It’s about the strip club versus now. Granted the first time I walked into the Penthouse in DC, I was amazed that there were no poles and they played Gudda Musik. Which for those of you not familiar, it’s basically a club that plays hood ass music all night long. But there was something about The House that drew people in. I think it had to do with the fact that the music was great, there were TVs, they had a good number of slims in there that also were personable, drinks were cheap, and the lesbian movement in DC didn’t hurt the crowd. Basically, it wasn’t the same as when I first started going and each chick had her small set and picked three songs from the jukebox. Three like songs that you could dance to, not Rick Ross, Project Pat, or Lil’ Wayne. It is a spectacle in the strip club now. And from King of Diamonds in Miami, to Stadium in DC it’s just done got straight ignent.

So the Lakers won last night. That’s crazy right? Yeah man, I think so.

Back to the strip club, why at a young age was I drawn to them? To me it’s the only place that you can go and be almost absolutely sure that no one is paying attention to you.

I will remember April 25th for the rest of my life, for it is the day that I realized that the 16th of April had passed. And that’s all I have to say about the war in Vietnam.

I wish I could be at the beach right now. I could go for a day on the beach alone and by myself. That’s weird too right? I don’t know but I guess people are weird. I enjoy the company of others, but I think that we can only truly be ourselves when we are alone. When it’s just you and the waves rolling in, you find peace. There’s no need to be concerned with anyone else’s happiness or how they feel about what you’re doing. And maybe that’s a “Libra” thing as some people say, always trying to please someone else. However, my alone time is really the time that I appreciate the most.

Have you ever held a small child’s hand in your hand and realized that it was going to grow into the size of yours one day. It’s amazing how small we start out as. I had a few friends have kids over the past couple months and I just wanted to shout them out.

I don’t think people are quite ready for what’s about to happen over the next couple months with the label.

I used to be fascinated with green eyes. And then one day I realized that they weren’t all they were cracked up to be. A couple bad experiences with chicks made me realize that sometimes they are wearing contacts, literally or figuratively. I used to be fascinated with blue eyes. And then one day I realized that they weren’t they were cracked up to be. People with them use them to David Blaine you into looking in their eyes while they stab you in the chest.

Don’t miss y’all warning signs.

Knocked down, but not out. I got back up.

Life is good. God is good.

I think I’m on the train with Bone Crusher right now. Honest to God, I’m going to go say something. I’ll holla.

Diamond: I loved The Players Club for offering women a way to reach their goals in life. But I also hated The Players Club for all the girls it destroyed in the process.
(Source: The Players Club)

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TellyLongLegs said...

I love the beach, if it weren't for hurricanes I would buy a house right near the beach in Miami.

For some reason when you mentioned your fascination with green/blue eyes I thought of the book "The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison. When I was younger I use to wish that I had green eyes but never went as far as getting contacts. I'm happy I didn't because I know I wouldn't look good with them.

Oh and this statement right here,
"However, my alone time is really the time that I appreciate the most."

Is nothing but the truth!