Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning Mail - 4.14.11

Catherine Alvarez: If you sue, you'll never get another job in the computer business; if you don't sue they'll bury you in Austin. If you sue it's news; if you don't it's gossip. If you sue nobody will believe you; if you don't, your wife won't. They will make your life into a living hell for the next three years until this case goes to trial. And for that privilege, it's going to cost you a minimum of a hundred thousand dollars. Do you not think it's a game Mr. Sanders? It's a game to them. How do you feel about losing?
(Source: Disclosure)

So here’s the dilemma: women who approach men on this, I know you got a girl but I still want to hit though tip.  And as I was telling a friend, if a girl comes to you and says that, she’s crazy.  And what do we say about crazy women.  We set up a strict no-peen zone around their vagina.  With that said, if you’re going to step out it should be a chick who has no idea you have a girl.  And also a girl who is not secretly trying to pursue anything serious with you.  Because you know how that will end up.  Well, I know this guy and his girlfriend got a Facebook message from a chick who was like, “Hey, are you dating [dude]?  This may be random but we’ve been seeing each other for the last six months and I’ve always had suspicions that he may be seeing someone else.  So I logged onto Facebook and found that he was in a relationship with you.”

That’s another reason why you should never link your relationship status on Facebook until you’re married.  Quite frankly, if you live with somebody and see them everyday, people can think whatever they want to think, but your wife probably knows better than any other woman what you are doing. 

Now let’s say you get caught up in some ish, because I’ll tell you a lot of women trap men.  It’s kept on the low because you know in the grand scheme of things men have allegedly been wronging women for as long as we can think of.  #dique.  Anyway, if you get caught up, you better fight to clear your name.  Dismissal is not the way to go.  Like a lot of men try and play it off like it ain’t nothing serious, but unless you can prove it’s not true, it’s true in the mind of your woman.  Now, I didn’t say you have to get into the heat of battle of exchanging stories.  But you have the right to deny everything and ask the other person to prove their case. 

Here’s my recommendation, sit like Barry Bonds when you’re being accused.  If you don’t say anything, it’s really hard to prove anything.

Meredith Johnson: You stick your dick in my mouth and NOW you get an attack of morality?
(Source: Disclosure)

This can go the other way.  I’ve had some chick arguing with me about respect and in the back of my head I’m thinking, “But you gave me head on the first night, not even in the crib, but in your whip, and you swallowed and asked could you do it again.”

Think about that.

That’s still one of the most hilarious comments ever.

I’m working on a post about Kobe and Chris Brown and how they have a lot in common.

I have a date in mind for when my next mixtape is dropping, but I’m going to do one with too.  So I’ll have two coming out soon.

“They want that Doctor 4, bitch it’s coming soon.”

Hustle… hustle… hustle… HARD.

Closed mouths don’t get fed on this Blvd.

Life is good. God is good.

I do not want to see Angie Stone.  The crowd at her events is troublesome.


Lenore said...

OK you had me until Angie Stone. What's wrong with the crowds at her events? LMAO already.

Tunde said...

that comment reminds me of a story. this chick likes my homeboy. on the first night they went out it was to a club. mistake 1. after the club they are both wasted. she let's him hit. not really a mistake. but the fact that you let two of our other homeboys hit was mistake 2-68549. sidenote: i was no way involved in this train. either way now she's running her new blog post. now she's running her mouth about how she really likes my boy and he's playing her to the left. like c'mon the first time y'all had sex 2 other dudes were present and you expect him to take you seriously?

TheMostInterestingManInTheWorld said...

Good post J.

Chicks who are down for the get down despite knowing the man is in a relationship do present an interesting quagmire. On the surface, if the man is interested in stepping out, it seems like the perfect situation. In reality... AllBadEverything.

If a dude is gonna cheat, the best way to do so - mitigating as much risk as humanly possible is to make it out of town and anonymous. Not that I recommend cheating... but... if you're gonna do it... that's really the only way.

Majid Ali said...

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