Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning Mail - 4.12.11

Lil Wayne:
No Homo though.
Yeeeea... Ummmm
I'm Goin In.

Drizzy I Got Us This Is My Promise
I'm a Bring That Barrel To Them Bitches Eyeliners
And & Wat I Make Up Will Fuck Up Ya Skin
I Pick The Buck Up... Then Buck-Buck Then Buck-Buck Again
I Will Butt-Fuck Ya Friend... Then Suck Up Her Twin I Put The Buck Up To Him
Then Buck-Buck, & Buck-Buck, & Buck-Buck Again
Suck Nut you Duck Fuck Ya Unloving Kin
Now Don't Rub It In Like Lubriderm On A New Tattoo
I Had To Kick My Princess Up Out My Castle
Dad Who? Never Had That Dude
Always Had A Black Tool
Even When I Was At School Cause Bullies Aren’t Bullet Proof.
Red Scarf... Hoodie Too... Prolly Ain't As Hood As You
Stupid Muthafuckka The Only Thing In The Hood Is You
I Do Everything As Good As You... No! I Do Every Thing Betta
I Get Paid For Every Letter A.B.C D Etc.
Fetch A Bone... Like a Dog Muthafuckka
I Am Gone For Ya Neck In A Sec Intercept
Bring It Back Like Work In The Trunk
And My Exit Is Commin Up And I Am Head To The Buck Like Buck-Buck Again
Might Fly To LA & Jus Fuck Karrine
Nah Fuck Karrine... Let's Gets Bucks Again
And Fuckin Spend Them Bucks Again
And Then Fuck Karrine
If I Told Ya I'm a Do It I Did It
Got My City On My Fitted Bouta Pop A...
Let's Get It Let's Get It Muthafuckka Watchu Waiting On
It's Is Bout A Min Past Pissed And I'm About To Get Shitted
I'm With It If Money Is The IT
If its me You Want me With
And I'll Prolly Jus Spit On the Chick You Want to Be With
And I Hate A Bony Bitch Only Like Em Only Thick
I Own Hip-Hop If You Don't Spit I'm Gon Evict
And I Jus Sold Alot Of Property To A Buyer
I Think His Name Was Kinda Like Drake Drizzy Rogers Or Drizzy Drake Rogers
I'm Too Busy To Play Father
When It Comes to The Game I'm Too Willing To Play Harder
So Harder I Go... There He Go They Chant MVP When I Shoot A Free-throw
CEO... Jaz Wat It Do?
The Haters On They Face And In They Ass There's A Shoe
Faster Than You. Badder Than You. Radder Than You, Ect
I Told Cha I Get Paid By The Letter Like A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Z Top Yes He Rock And Me & Drizzy Both Wrote On Detox
That Was Jus A Footnote how Long Can He Could Go?
Wondering When He Stop... BITCH When The Beat Stop
So I'm a Keep Rockin Till The Sheet Rock?
And & The Heat That I Send Burns Skin
The End
(Source: Drake feat. Lil’ Wayne - Ransom)

I ain’t bleeping nothing out today because that’s mad work, but let me just say a few notes about this song.  I tell people that it’s not a good idea to let Wayne on a track.  He’s a constant shiner on other people’s tracks.  Like remember when Kanye let Jay-Z on his Diamonds Are Forever track and then he had to go back and drop another verse that he put on Late Registration and then published before Jay-Z would find out that Kanye redid his verse?  Yeah.  This track also goes to show you that, and because this is a fact, when Drake started you were like, “Wow he’s going in…” and then Wayne came later and kind of KO’ed the track.

Read that and think about it. Read that several times and think about it. That was a freestyle that went nutso.  Some people who read my blog probably don't get it and that's cool, tomorrow i'm going to do a real post.  Something from the upcoming eBook.

I am tempted to tell you why Wayne is the best rapper alive right now, but I ain’t got time for all that.  All I’m saying is that, if you gonna argue with me on that, put it like this, you probably think one of these guys is the best alive right now; Jay-Z, Eminem, or Kanye West.  And that’s cool.  That doesn’t make any sense, but that’s cool.  Problem is, Jay-Z and Kanye already have said that Wayne is the best in the game right now.  No one said greatest to ever do it, they just said best.  And Eminem, seriously?  Eminem probably won’t tell you this, but he thinks Wayne is the best too.  And I’m not sure how I feel about people who think Eminem is even in the conversation.


Life is good.  God is good.


SaneN85 said...

Did that comment over on SBM make you feel some kinda way? LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm going to post this on my friend's fb wall because we CONSTANTLY go back n forth as to who is better: Em or Wayne. She likes Wayne but will argue all day Em is better. I will argue all day and night that Wayne is it!