Monday, March 9, 2009

As Jeezy said, "That [negro] crazy, don't say nothin' to him..."

So that I can end this blog on a good note and not every female in the world comes and tries to kill me I would like to say this first and then end on a good note.

“She turned around placed her back against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest, placed her feet against Brown’s body and began pushing him away.”

I have never heard, “she started kicking his ass,” put so eloquently.

Let me be the first to tell you, Chris Brown is psycho. There’s no way to slice it. If you have not had the opportunity, read the affidavit. No, don’t say to me, “I’ve already heard enough.” No you haven’t, read that damn affidavit. ( After reading that, I realized that there was no way to explain this guy’s actions.

I agree, all domestic violence is wrong. That is not something that I will debate with you. But seriously, what this fool did crossed the line of domestic violence to just downright inhumane. Like I would say he beat her like she was a man… nope that’s not quite capturing it. I would say he had no regard for the fact that she was a women…. nope. Honestly, if he was hitting another man the way he was hitting Rihanna, he’d still be a crazy ass dude.

And also, people don’t just spaz out like that. There is no way you’re going to convince me that he hasn’t done something like this before. I mean seriously he didn’t just hit her, he repeatedly inflicted harm on her. I actually have a funny feeling they fight all the time like that.

And I can sum my next point up in one line: Why is Rihanna back with this dude?

Well, now let’s have real talk. The reality of the situation is that most women don’t leave. And it’s not because they feel trapped or fear for their lives, it’s because they love the person and forgive their mistakes. A lot of women talk big shit about what they would do if a guy put his hands on them, most of those women when put in the situation, don’t do much at all. So when all these women are crying that Rihanna needs to leave him and they can’t believe that he’s still there, I’d like them to go phone a friend who’s experienced something like that before and they’ll give you the real low down on the situation.

I’m really upset because as a person who has to ride the train everyday with little ass kids who are growing up too fast in a world that’s evil. I know that now you will have little dumb ass girls talking about, “Me and my boo fight, so what. Our relationship is real.” Because that’s how simple minded these little kids are. So yes, Chris Brown is psycho. But Rihanna is just as hot a mess as him too.

The real messed up part is that Chris Brown probably won’t get any serious jail time, if he gets any. Not that I ever wish our federal and state penitentiary systems on people, but I know that the public will want that resolve and probably won’t get it. Chris Brown’s career is not over. He will be back making music before you know it, and in time, people will have moved on. America loves a comeback story. Rihanna’s career though… I don’t know. I actually think she’s peaked out right now anyway because there’s no way she can ever past Beyonce and she’s right below her, so it’s really no where to go but down. I have this funny feeling these two are going to try and market this fiasco into a way to sell records and I’m just going to be like, I told you.

In conclusion, I’m still shaking my head in disbelief at this situation. I think Chris Brown is crazy. The jury is officially out on Rihanna. I hope that parents talk to their kids about what’s going on, rather than duck and dodge from the issue. I pray that people don’t keep spewing out hate and negativity about domestic violence and start doing some real educating about the real deal. And someone tell Oprah to shut the hell up.

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Anonymous said...

The more details come out, the crazier this seems. Its an unfortunate situation, CB was stupid for what he did, but he’s also human and made a mistake. I’m not going to rip him apart for the obvious, because…’s obvious (or should be) that hitting women is wrong. I just think that Chrihannas relationship had abuse on both ends and all types (physical, mental, and emotional), so they both need help if they REALLY want it to work. Before some of you ask, yup I got sisters and a momma, so I speak with this in mind and their own commentary into this crazy situation.