Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morning Mail - 3.11.09

Reposting this quote for a friend of mine, they know who they are:

Iris: Because you're hoping you're wrong. And every time she does something that tells you she's no good, you ignore it. And every time she comes through and surprises you, she wins you over, and you lose that argument with yourself, that she's not for you.
(Source: The Holiday)

I seriously thought from jump that this was the pecking order for the WBC:
1. Japan
2. Korea
3. Cuba
4. United States
5. Venezuela
6. Dominican Republic

No, I did not know that the Netherlands would be this good, but it does not surprise me. They have good pitching and defense and those are two things that can and will win you games in this format.

Law & Order gets better every episode.

Big East basketball is faaaaaaantastic.

Women’s basketball can be downright boring at times, however, Maya Moore… makes it beautiful. She’s not as good looking as Candice Parker, but she can ball her ass off. And everyone knows how Dr. J loves women who can play some basketball.

For the last time, I do not go to Lotus on Tuesdays. I just remember being at Lotus one time, having a couple beers (for $8 a pop, Amstel Light for $8) and turning around and being accosted by the HOOD.

Currently working out a couple deals to start writing on a couple blogs and internet sites, look out for the A-Rod of the Blog world. I’m not lying, I stop short of saying Dr. J hottest in America. Just because I think Ron Browz is wack like bushwack.

I’m almost ready for the weekend. I think that putting myself in the infirmary has helped out a lot. Combine that with the fact that even while on the ski trip, I refrained from drinking on Sunday has made this weekend’s plan much more feasible.

Just when I was done with this topic, here comes Robin Givens. She does not want me to go in on her, pause. Although, Mike Tyson is no where near as randomly psycho as Chris Brown to be honest.

Why are so many people turning to online dating sites these days? I don’t get it. Like at all…

I really want to make a post today that’s not about relationships. I like to show off the diversity and versatility. We’ll see, I forgot what that post was going to be about, but when it comes to me I’ll start writing.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck on those ventures fam!


Lotus is extemely hood, you should have went on Thursday for free drinks (only vodka drinks) from 9-11, then went around the corner, to play with the stuck-up People at the Park

Dr. J said...

I refuse to go back to Park. Actually, my compadre who posted a comment before you, has a post about it.


I just read it, pretty funny, surprised... most of the chicks in the Park are like a size 2... in anycase, I don't fancy the Park much, but I tend to hang everywhere, so I don't discriminate against the booghie people, they need love too...prefer U street area, but like I said, I kick it where ever...although I have to swear off liquor after last night :/