Monday, March 9, 2009

Morning Mail - 3.9.09

Jake Green: One thing I've learned in the last seven years: in every game and con there's always an opponent, and there's always a victim. The trick is to know when you're the latter, so you can become the former.
(Source: Revolver)

This lady at my job pisses me off everyday. She has no clue that she is always infringing on my work space and it pisses me off. She blasts her music without earphones, she is always on the phone with personal matters, and she does absolutely nothing all day.

I know, I just got back from vacation, don’t tell me to relax!

The ski trip was great. It gave me enough time to think clearly about things for a second. Case in point, the quote of the weekend is, “Wait... she’s got a boyfriend?” And while I’m on the topic, that might be the quote of the year. Every weekend I ask myself that at least once.

I read the Steve Harvey book. Hated it. However, this weekend I realized some of those points are freaking hilarious. I swear the asking a man to define your relationship is classic. And also when he said a man’s first intentions are to have sex with you. That’s true about 95% of the time. This is why boyfriends are always like, “HE’S NOT YOUR FRIEND.” Women think he’s a friend, no, unless he has said definitively that he is not sexually attracted to you and would never have sex with you. He’ll do it and not think twice about it.

Amber Rose can get it.

Someone tried to tell me that Rosario Dawson wasn’t that attractive this weekend. I lost respect for that person. She’s still my little squeak though. Just have no idea what she is talking about. I think I speak for all real men out there on the struggle when I say, LaLa from He Got Game might have been the best looking girl in a movie I’d seen up until that point. When I think about that movie I cannot get the ferris wheel scene out my head.

I would write a blip about Chris Breezy, but I have a post for that crazy ass negro.

Terrell Owens is a Buffalo Bill. In other news, his two girlfriends, can get it too.

It’s getting warm again in DC.

I’m still disappointed in the behavior of a certain person last week. I came to the conclusion that it was to be expected.


And I want my damn hour back, so if you see Father Time, tell him I’m looking for him and when I find him it’s going to be a misunderstanding.

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