Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recap from the Slopes

Because what happens on the slopes, stays on the slopes, I’ll have to give you the blog censored update. The ski trip was a great time. Pandemonium and debauchery was had by all.

Friday start with us departing at around 3PM. The plan was to drink the whole way until we got to the resort. Well, we didn’t really leave until 3:30PM and got caught in traffic. Needless to say the majority of the bus was wrecked before Pennsylvania. I realized that, you shouldn’t drink a combination of everything, you can drink a combination of everything, if you would like to have a night like that. Got the resort around 8/8:30, it was open bar again, the drinking continued. Then the pajama party occurred. I actually spent most of my time dancing with the peoples we came with. However, I will fast forward to the comment of the next morning.

“Wait, she has a boyfriend?” – Dr. J

Yes, Saturday we realized that Ms. Drop it Like its Hot had a boyfriend. Later on after the 2PM happy hour in which some person to remain nameless did some old childish behavior make you want to rebuke Satan type stuff, she tried to tell the group. “I don’t like my boyfriend grinding up on girls, like I grind on guys.”

….blank stare….

“And I got to pick a wife out this bunch?!” – Midtown

The time between dinner and 1AM is a complete blur. But I can sum it up this way, it’s my motto in life: “Take it from a guy who’s tried to get off this planet more than once, you don’t go until it’s your time to go.” Then I went to the Black party, which was cool, kept drinking, got bent, called it a night, woke up on Sunday morning vowing to never drink again.

I swear if I go back to each Sunday after the ski trip I always say, I’m never drinking again.

Couple of things of note

It’s hard to completely unwind on the ski trip if you know that people, who like to gossip too much, are going to be in attendance.

If you know someone is going on the ski trip and you don’t tell them that you are going, you are officially on borderline stalker status.

I saw married and women in relationships acting all types of indecent this weekend. If that was my girl, knowing that most self-respecting men would keep their mouth shut, I would be upset and in need of a trip to Miami.

The girls at breakfast trying to tell me how the trip was a bunch of youngins acting a damn fool was surprised to know that me and my roommate were actually some of the youngest people there and she was saying that we acted very mature. I was like, yeah those people smoking weed and dancing like a fool, they like 30 and over. That’s why I love these people, they act a damn fool.

Thou shall always take a shower before going out. I know I pulled up the rear by waiting until at least 11pm to take my shower, but I had to do what I had to do.

“Even when they hate me, they love me.” – Dr. J

Don’t ever show Seven Pounds on a bus trip. That’s just cruel.

And don’t start movies you can’t finish. I got right to the part of Lakeview Terrace when it got good when we got back to Arundel Mills. Ugh!

And this is my 25th blog. I’m the new A-Rod of blogging. Watch me hit 100 before May.

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