Friday, March 13, 2009

Morning Mail - 3.13.09

(I’m sorry for the profanity, but it’s eff it Friday)

Anne Marie: Just tell me what to do... please.
Matt: You want me to tell you what to do?
Anne Marie: Yes.
Matt: You know what to do.
Anne Marie: No. Matt... I don't.
Matt: Just be the girl I met on the beach.
Anne Marie: Who? Who was she?
Matt: The kind of girl who wouldn't ask a guy what to do.

(Source: Blue Crush)

Starring…. Michelle Rodriguez who can get it. I’ve always thought she was super sexy.
AnnaLynne McCord can get it, early and in a hurry.
Candace Parker… can get it, pregnant.

Sh*t is all f*cked up now.

Dr. J: Did you go out tonight?
Ryde or Die Chick: Nah, just went over my friend’s house to play Rock Band.
Dr. J: (smh)

Ladies, listen, no really, read closely, whenever a man says this, it’s like dead air on the radio, it actually means absolutely nothing: “I’m gon’ stop f*cking with your ass.”

I feel bad for Jennifer Aniston. She just can’t keep a man. Like how would you feel if having a man break up with you was referred to as being Jennifer Aniston’ed.

Made-off ain’t no snitch!

Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid

Streetz and Radio will feel me, “Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?”

My favorite quote ever, “We are not judged by our inconsistencies, but by our consistencies.” - Anonymous

Lil’ Wayne – Upgrade You. Might be the song of the weekend right now….

And let that be the ride out…

I Know U See Da Gwap Cause Gettin Money Is Wut We On

Ridin Drop Top In Da Winter Wit Da Heat On
Bad Yella Bitch Keep My Passenger Seat Warm
Leg Hangin Out Da Winda U Aint Got Dese On
Bitch Holla It Is Lil Weezy
Dey Can Not See Me They Are Like Stevie
I Am Bareing A Ton Like Lee-V
I Circle Ya House Like Bee-Bee
Colder Dan Da He-Be-Gee-Bees
Neva Give Free Bees 75 Thousand For Dese Beats
Shid I Can Get A 100 Thousand Up In Dese Jeans
Big Stacks My Pockets On Criatine
Young Money Dipset Nigga We A Team
If U Dont Like It Nigga Fuck U No Vaseline
Errr I Peel Off In Da Lambergine
Like A Tangerine Got Da Industriy Straight Shakin Like A Tamberine
Like A Bitch Wit Some Lips Like Angaleen-a-Jolie
Holy Got Flow Id Go Where No Other Guy Go
Fuck You Hoe Im So 5 0 4
I Hope Every Snitch Die Slow
Hip-Hop Dats My Hoe I Know She Know I Like It Wet
Dont Want No Dry Hoe
Alright Bitch I Am D-Boy No Decoy And I Will Straight Up Destroy
Any Boy Arman And I Prefor Money Den Bitches Are Just Need For
We Are Young Money Bitches And I Am Da Lee-Dor
He Are Currency Mac Maine And Bboy And I Just Signed
A Chick Named Nicky Ne-Norge

And Me Im Still Spitten Like A Retard
And Dese Niggas Soft Dey Should Be Rappin In Leotards
Nigga We In Charge Baby Put Me In Charge
And Im Just Murderin Niggas Free Of Charge
Ya Digg Juss Holla Back I See Ya Sarge
And Im So mothafuckin High I Could Eat A Star
Yeah And Let Me Upgrade U
U May Not Be A Model But I Can Front Page Ya
U Know Im Nasty Excuse My Behavior
Let Me Juss Taste Ya We Can Fuck Late-Ta
Sitten In Da Coop Lookin Like A Racer
Top Peeled Back Like Da Skin Of A Potata
Seat Way Back Listen To Anita Baker
Ridin By Myself Smokin Weed By Da Acre
Hollygrove Gata Aint Nobody Greater
Leave Wit Some Bullet Holes Da Size Of Craters
U Aint Heard Da Latest Weezy is Da Greatset
Battle Anybody Nigga Fuck Away Ya Favorite
Its A New Game And Im Da Coach Like Avery
Leave It To Da Flow We Gettin Doe Like A Bakery
I Dont Really Want To But Dese Niggas Makin Me
Put A Muthafucker On Ice Like Da Maple Legue
Dats A Hockey Team And I Aint On No Hockey Team
But Im A Champion Wheres Da Fucking Rocky Theme
Damn Rest In Peace Applo Creed
Imma Monster Everyday Is Halloween
Alot Of Syrup Alot Of Pills And A Lot Of Weed
And I Keep My Pockets Greeen Like A Pot Of Peas
And If U Hatin Baby U Can Get A Shot Of Dese
Dese Nut In Ya Mouth Can U Swallow Please
Haha Yeah Im So Hot I Freeze
Big Balls And Dey Jangle Like Alot Of Keys
Even Def Bitches Say Hi To Me
She Tell Da Blind Bitch N She Say I Gotta See

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