Monday, April 20, 2009

Ain't Sayin' Nuthin/I Won't Tell

Danger, she smashed the homies! (Totally irrelevant, but that will never get old to me.)

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been confronted about cheating? Have you ever known a person who was being cheated on and didn’t know it? Ever had that conversation with someone where you have to be the shoulder that your friend cried on? I have, and to be honest, when someone is crying, the last thing I want to say is, “Well, everyone knew that.”

I remember the last time I made a girl cry, it was when I told my ex that her ex at the time cheated on her… habitually. I didn’t mean to make her cry it kind of just happened. And no, I didn’t cheat on her. She said something ironic, “How come you didn’t tell me?” Stop the tape. Why didn’t your friends tell you? Everyone knew.

A good friend of mine was confronted about cheating on his girl. By both the chicks at the same time. Quite hilarious. Later on the football team would congratulate his efforts after we thought we were about to get our ass whipped. It went like this:

#99 – You mean to tell me you been beating both these chicks for two years and they didn’t know about each other?

Good friend – Yep.

#99 & #67 – Well, damn let me give you dap, you are doing your thing homie.

She was upset, and crying and blaming my friend. Was I the only one thinking, and I’m sorry but I have to give some background. This shorty had graduated, but still had mad friends who were still on campus. They knew that she was being two-timed, and two years later she found out…. Wait a minute Jesus! Don’t get mad at him, be mad at your friends for having you look dumb.

Some women are na├»ve. Okay, death to them. Because I’ve known many of women who wouldn’t believe their man was cheating even when they caught him with him two condoms in a three pack box, that he “just bought”. (Sidenote don’t trip these chicks will count your condoms. Two in the three-pack will get you caught. Buy a lot of condoms. Like 100 at a time!)

And some women know when their men cheat and don’t care. I can’t call it. Some women chalk it up because they love him and know that he’s a man and in need. For those women, here’s a tip, next time your man tries to leave the crib, suck him off. He will sit down and watch the news. If you don’t like to fellate, well then, just remember there is a raggedy bitch who has that on her resume, lol.

I had one of my boys smash a chick in a sorority, and then later on smashed another chick in the same sorority… same chapter… same line. Good got dayum. Now, a few months later the first one found out from the second one and she was upset at my boy. WTF?! He played his cards right, she needs to be upset with her LS. And you know another one of her LS’s knew and ain’t say nothing. (

Truth be told, nothing is sadder than watching some poor girl cry because she found out her man was a two-time hustler. (Respect the hustle, not the player.) However, what’s worst is watching some chick happy with her situation and everyone knows that her man is cheating on her. HILLARY!

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