Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Morning Mail - 4.14.09

Joy McNally: The grown-ups have to go to work today... What are you going to do all day?
Jack Fuller: I don't know yet
[shoves cereal in mouth]
Joy McNally: Hmph.
Jack Fuller: I'd rather do nothing and be happy than do something I know I don't love.
Joy McNally: Words to live by, Yanni.
(Source: What Happens in Vegas)

Eff you Colin. You know why too. LOL… dirtbag. Y’all know I am the club.

I found myself so upset last night. One of the things that upsets me is when I give someone advice or instructions, and they choose not to follow them, but I know they will blame me for their results. After venting this to my neighbor, I decided to take another approach, Eff ‘em.

LeBron will win the MVP, but Wade should win the MVP. Kobe is still the best player in the NBA, but he’s the guy that people love to hate. If Kobe had a better reputation, he’d be winning MVP’s like cupcakes. Trust me.

The grayness needs to leave my city. It’s so depressing.

I laid in bed last night trying to think about what happened to me. I actually started to really feel bad. I have this strange feeling that somewhere along the way, I didn’t stop believing, I didn’t even give up, I just didn’t give a f*ck anymore.

I love my Rick James. She is the reminder that I’m not the only one who thinks like this.

Anyone, want to know why I hate DC teams so much. Let’s consider that last night, I left the Wizards game with 4 minutes left and the Wiz had a ten point lead, in their last game in the Verizon Center for the SEASON. They managed to lose that game. And the HOOD, was at that game last night. I hate the youth of America, lmao.

I feel like Pauly Shore sometimes, so laid back it bothers people. I get upset at myself when I stress about things, because I’m always sure it will end up okay, or I’ll just move on to another episode that will be better.

Is Wu-Tang really going to be at Park on Thursday?!

Outside of my close friends, no one really knows what I do for a living. Oh occasionally I tell random people who don’t know my name or where I’m from. But I don’t think people understand how troubling my job can be.

We did not celebrate my 50th post, but we shall celebrate my 52nd. I've surprised myself with how commited I have been to this blog.

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