Friday, April 24, 2009

Morning Mail - 4.24.09

Reverend R. L.: Ima tell you something and it's just gonna be between you and me. I think folks carry on about heaven too much, like it's some kind of all you can eat buffet up in the clouds and folks just do as they told so they can eat what they want behind some pearly gates. There's sinning in my heart, there's evil in the world but when I got no one, I talk to God. I ask for strength, I ask for forgiveness, not peace at the end of my days when I got no more life to live or no more good to do but today, right now... What's your heaven?
(Source: Black Snake Moan)

Did anybody realize that there was a movie with some white chick chained up with a crazy Black man keeping her captive? This was in the 21st Century.

For you conscious heads out there, GOOD Music is really taking over. Kid Cudi and Big Sean have excellent mixtapes. However, in Kid Cudi’s mixtape he shoutouts who? Cool Kids and Wale. Two people I always recommend people spend more time listening to.

I swear today was just the morning from hell. And it was more of a continuation of a wack night. I got home yesterday around 5:30PM and was like, bet I’ll run to the mall and pick up some things real quick. I go to the mall. I was in Aldo trying on shoes and my cell rang. It was a Sr. Manager whom I’m helping work on a proposal effort. It was 6:30PM, and she was like I just got home, do you want to call me in let’s say 30 minutes. I was like OK, will do. I hurry up and leave the mall. I give her a call when I get home around 7:15PM, it’s then that she tells me she has about 2-3 hours worth of work that she would like me to do… so she could work on it at 4AM today. This ruined my night and I didn’t even finish the work until 2AM. Then I had to make it to work today for a full day. Of which there was a freaking fly on the metro train that I could not stop looking at. And the dumb thing wouldn’t fly off when the doors would open. Then there was the amount of inappropriate attire worn by women who were clearly not looking in the mirror this morning. It’s like... seriously, I have nothing against BBW, but if you are a 14, you cannot put on a 6 and think everything is o’tay.

I am really not the one to come to when the Lakers lose. 1) They don’t do it often. 2) I’m going to ask if your team was the one who beat them. 2b) It’s always some old hating ass Knicks fans. Who’s spinning tonight? DJ Go F*ck Yourself. 3) In many ways, I’m a very sore loser because the Lakers are the best team and when they lose, it’s because they threw the game away.

Bitches love Twilight.

These fools wanna have me in NYC three times in May. Where is my tour bus?!

We are ready for the weekend.

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Streetz said...

The losses of the lakeShow in no way reflect the views opinion or concerns about the NY Knickerbockers. THank you very much. lol