Friday, April 10, 2009

Morning Mail - 4.10.09

Morris: Your lips would make a lollipop too happy.
(Source: Purple Rain)

Nicole Scherzinger can get it.
Keyshia Cole can get it.
J-Lo anyday, anytime baby girl.
I haven’t shown much love to Christina Milian lately, so short and sweet, oh she can get it on Easter Sunday.

To the youth who march onward and upward towards the light, this volume is respectfully dedicated.

I used to believe in fairy tales, I don’t anymore.

John Legend – Satisfaction, on heavy repeat right now.

Quote of the night: “Maybe it was the weave that confused you.” – Me.

Yes, I know, I closed the club last night. I had a blast. I cannot have a bad time in the club.

Stay focused Jason. Stay focused Jason.

Last night I saw her, I spoke to her. Last night, I saw her too, I spoke to her. I’m telling you, jet black hair, wrap me up.

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Streetz said...

LOLOL so random and so KEY!