Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Morning Mail - 4.28.09

Turk Malloy: Are you in yet?
Virgil Malloy: I hate that question.

Rusty Ryan: Well, She said se liked surprises...
Danny Ocean: Uhuh, and?
Rusty Ryan: When I gave her one, she dropped the remote on the table and I put the towel back on.
(Source: Ocean’s Thirteen)

Laker baby, You know that's me.

For the Love of Ray J Reunion... enn... I am glad Unique has been exposed for the fraud that she is. Cashmere should laid that chick out though. I don’t know what anyone speaks of who hates on Cocktail.

I hate when people insult my intelligence.

It’s so damn hot. My city is upset, but it plans to cry for the rest of the week.

Here's a comparison that hasn't been offered yet. Drake is like Kanye. Extremely creative, and because he's so personal it draws in the listener.

You ever have someone tell you did something wrong and you have to tell them you did it differently than they would do it, but that does not mean it was wrong.

I actually made blog rounds yesterday and was excited to catch up. I do feel like blogs give you a view into other people’s lives in a not so stalker’ish way, and I enjoy everyone’s perspective because it just helps to develop mine.

I have the shittiest wireless at my new client site.

And then they said something about you may have to go to AZ next week. I gave them, negro please award.

I hate babies in closed spaces.

I saw Disney's Earth this weekend. One word, hilarious. You guys have got to see this bird cleaning the crib because the other bird is coming through. Bawse.

For some time now metro has put their trains on autopilot. It’s these old ass operators who take it off autopilot and now everyone is sliding around that joint cause they don't know how to use the brake.

Serious “Punch, Drunk, Love on the train this morning.

OMG, my co-worker says to me, "Chipiotle is so bad for you." I just looked at her like I have lost ALL respect for your presence. My children's middle name will be Chipotle.

Gig and Lig. New post today.

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Kat S.W. said...

LMBO!!! Not Chipotle! I'll be borrowing the phrase "negro please award" and ditto on babies in closed spaces. Babies shouldn't be able to come outside until they're 2 and even then they're outings should be restricted.