Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Backlog: Back by Popular Demand: Well Kept B*tches

Let me first start out by saying I didn't want to write this note, because i'm trying to not use the b word......publicly.

Anyway...Today's note is about well kept women. Men always are talking about, how do we get ourselves to be surrounded by fine women all the time when we go out. Well gentlemen you must realize three important things: 1, those women didn't just become fine 30 minutes ago, 2, you are not the only group of guys who wants to be surrounded by fine women, and 3, and most importantly, if you haven't realized fine women are always parched, act like u know.Well kept women, have a different reality in life, they don't live by the same rules we do, becuz they don't have to. In their mind, paying cover is disrespectful, buying drinks is a thing of the past, driving they own car is even a question mark. In their opinion, what do they bring to the table, themselves.

Well kept women are taken care of by men from pre-party to after-party and most times they even have a nice place to stay becuz dudes got hotel rooms. And a real sign of a well-kept woman is that she's prolly not having sex with any of the dudes paying for the ish, let me say that again, she's prolly NOT having sex with any of the dudes.

So anyway men if you want to be surrounded by fine women at the club and in life, then you must realize they are well kept so keep them well. Now with these three steps you can ensure that you are always surrounded by fine women:
1. Stay hard in the yard: Get your boys out of the popping bottles and its you and your boys is not helping the campaign, there's fine women out here and they are parched. Offer them a solution.
2. Put some paint where it ain't: You got to keep these fine women satisfied and yearning, periodically you need to figure out what they want next. If they are having some Moet, ask if they would like some patron. If they in the club and they tired, offer a seat, if you ain't got a seat, go get a seat.
3. Confirm, like a Don King perm: Don't be scared of the kitty. I know its easy to stand around with your boys and point at chicks and say she's fine. Move YOUR ASS and OPEN YOUR the fine women. Standing in a group of boys staring at women and expecting them to notice you...LOOKS WEIRD AND STALKERISH. Trust me they can see you. You got to be a conversationalist, try this one on, "Hello, are you having a good time? Me and my friends just got a table, we would love for you to join us."

If you follow these three steps, and get ur shoes shined and brush yo teeth, you'll be good to go.

That is all for now.

PS - This Ciara - Like a Boy song on the radio, has GOT TO GO. She's convinced me that women know they men cheat and just accept it. Furthermore, there's a dude out here who told her all this ish too, there's no way she knows all that she said in that song, nah son...
PPS - Saw Katt Williams this weekend, he's one of the funniest guys alive, if he comes to your town be yo ass there. (everyday i'm hustlin, hustlin, hussle hussle hustlin.....)


LRW said...

I need you not to go of course and have a sidebar about Ciara!! LMAO! you are crazy!!!!! LOLOLOLOL

Mia Anita said...

I do agree with #3 however every woman is different which means the approach must differ. Guys who stand around WITH OTHER GUYS clockin-and-jockin on "bad females" is weak sauce... and until they can man up and make some moves... they will have to take that same weak sauce and use it on their own meat... or their boys meat since they enjoy standing around with them so much. *pause if you must*